7 Blandings Castle stories
7 Blandings Castle stories
7 Blandings Castle stories
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P.G. Wodehouse is hailed by many as one of, if not THE best of the British comic authors. With a devoted following and a sharp farcical wit, Wodehouse continues his famous Blandings series with lashings of all of the fantastic quirks and quips his fans love so dearly.

Something Fresh (1915)
The one thing that could be expected to disturb the peace of life at Blandings is the incursion of imposters. And Blandings has imposters like other houses have mice. On this occasion, there are two of them: both intent on a dangerous enterprise.  

Summer Lightning (1929)
While Blandings Castle sleeps in the summer sun, the Hon. Galahad Threepwood, brother of the Earl of Emsworth, is busily engaged in writing his Reminiscences, and they look set to be as warm as the weather, if not warmer. For Galahad has led a thoroughly misspent life, and his acquaintances can all too easily recall their past follies in his company. Reputations are at stake and even the nobility and gentry are beginning to panic. And while various attempts are made to prevent his stories seeing the light of day, none are more curious than the sensational kidnapping of Lord Emsworth's prize-winning sow, the Empress of Blandings.

Heavy Weather (1933)
Galahad Threepwood is causing scandal again...this time by deciding to NOT publish his potentially humiliating high-society memoirs. His decision causes rifts in the ranks at castle Blandings, and all involved split into three camps: those who want the book suppressed, those who want it published, and those who, for some reason or another, have been sent to steal it.
A very British restrained chaos inevitably ensues, and a listener can expect a whole host of the usual confusion, blackmail, robbery, and of course, the odd bit of pig-kidnap. The Empress had better watch her back....
Veteran Wodehouse reader Martin Jarvis never fails to please, with marvellous characterisation and an obvious respect and passion for the author and his works.

Lord Emsworth and Others (1937)
Contained here are nine glorious episodes from the idyllic world of Wodehouse. There's a crime wave that was to rock Blandings Castle to its foundations which broke out towards the middle of a fine summer afternoon; Ukridge appears on Corky's doorstep at three in the morning, wearing his yellow mackintosh and requesting a whisky and soda; while the Oldest Member warns of the folly of driving into the father of the girl you love.

Full Moon (1947)
The moon beamed down genially on the turrets and battlements of Blandings Castle. Sleep, however, eluded Clarence, ninth Earl of Emsworth. To be compelled to play host to his younger son, Freddie, was enough; add his sister Veronica and a chap called Tipton Plimsoll and you have a situation at which the doughtiest earl might quail...

Galahad at Blandings (1964)
Sam Bagshott, son of the late Boko Bagshott, had been at Blandings Castle only a short while, but long enough to know that anyone enjoying its hospitality must get the occasional shock. Sam braced himself as the possibilities flitted through his mind. The house was on fire? Empress of Blandings had taken to the bottle again? Constable Evans had arrived with a search warrant? There was a wide area of speculation, and he was prepared for bad news in any form. In any form, that is to say, except the one in which it came.

A Pelican at Blandings (1969
Clarence, ninth Earl of Emsworth, sank back in his chair looking like the good old man in a Victorian melodrama whose mortgage the villain had just foreclosed. He felt the absence of that gentle glow which customarily accompanied the departure of one of his sisters. Lord Emsworth needed Galahad....
There are tricky corners to be rounded, and assorted godsons, impostors, and pretty girls to be paired off. Fortunately, many years' membership of the Pelican Club means the Hon. Galahad Threepwood is able to keep cool, stiffen his upper lip, and always think a shade quicker then the next man.

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